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AMES-img16Experience the multimedia learning environment. Watch and listen to native English speakers as they participate in real-life social and work situations. Complete interactive exercises including vocabulary and grammar tasks. Practise and record your own speaking and writing. Improve your confidence by repeating tasks as many times as you need. Receive instant feedback on your answers to improve your accuracy and confidence.

English for Health Professionals: Doctors

Entry: IELTS 5. Exit: IELTS 5.5.

Develop communication strategies for spoken exchanges with patients.

English for Health Professionals: Doctors is an online English course. It develops English and communication skills to assist overseas trained doctors to meet the spoken language proficiency levels required for registration in Australia and other English-speaking countries for effective doctor-patient communication.

English for Health Professionals: Nurses

Entry: IELTS 5. Exit: IELTS 5.5

Speak with patients, their families and other health professionals with confidence.

The English for Health Professionals: Nurses course is designed for nurses who wish to improve their spoken communication skills: pronunciation, accuracy and appropriate language for communicating with patients.


Pay once and get access to this course for 12 months

Why you need it

Improve your English and spoken communication skills.
  • Get the job you are qualified for
  • Communicate clearly with patients and other health care professionals
  • Negotiate confidently

  • You will need:

    • MS Internet Explorer 7 or higher, Firefox (must be Java enabled), Safari
    • Latest version of Flash Player and Adobe Acrobat Reader
    • Pentium 4 based computer or similar
    • 512 MB memory
    • Sound card, speakers and headphones
    • 17" monitor (recommended)
    • Broadband connection


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    Session Timeout

    The Learning Management System is set to time out after a 2 hour period of inactivity. This is called a session timeout. After the 2 hour time out session, you will be directed back to the login page. You are required to log in again to access the LMS Administration Tools.